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Smart&Soft Website
One of my missions at Smart&Soft was to migrate the agency website from static HTML5 to a fully-animated angularJS application. I worked hard with designers to achieve a flawless and engaging user experience on all devices.
Smart&Soft Website

A modern website is the best way to attract new customers. For this reason at Smart&Soft we decided to turn our old static HTML5 website into a powerfull AngularJS application.

Our designers worked hard on style and animations. As for me, I strived to use AngularJS at its full potential, for achieving a flawless user experience on all devices.

AngularJS is a great framework, despite sometimes it still appears immature. Routing, nesting views and performances should be surely improved: that’s why I’m impatiently waiting Google to release the brand new AngularJS 2.0

You can visit Smart&Soft website to see the result. Feel free to drop me a line with your opinion. Good advices are always welcome!