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Hydrodynamic Simulator
HDS is a hydrodynamic simulator that reproduces water behaviuor in different contexts. At the moment rain, flood, drainage, waves and tsunami scenarios are implemented. It's built with C++ and OpenGL 4.0. Further details available on GitHub and the blog section of this site

Computer simulations are amazing. It’s impressing how they can reveal the mathematical layer that silently hides under the world.

Some time ago I developed a ray tracer in order to simulate the experience of vision and its related effects: shades, illumination, reflections and transprencies.

This time I chose to simulate the water behaviour under different contexts and landscapes. This hydrodynamic simulator implements five differents scenarios: rain, flood, drainage, waves and tsunami.

In order to get a real-time application I made some approximations, but still the result is quite realistic as you can see in the video above.

Every time I code a simulator I end up telling myself that computers are damn good in playing the nature role!

If you are interested in how I code it, I share some steps in this blog post.