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Blackpills iOS App
Blackpills is the new app for watching premium and mobile-first original series for free. Through an innovative graphic interface and a smooth user experience, blackpills iOS app aims to set a new standard in terms of mobile video experience.
Blackpills iOS App

Blackpills is a video streaming and digital media studio startup co-founded by Daniel Marhely (Deezer) and Patrick Holzman (Canal+). The French businessman Xavier Niel (Iliad, Free, Kima Ventures) is among the first round investors.

Blackpills mission is to produce and stream short original series specifically targeted for mobile devices and millennials audience.

As a member of the initial iOS Core Team I contributed to every aspect of the application: architecture, server-driven layout conception and implementation, low level features implementation, streaming/playing technology, UX smoothness, UI/animations/micro-interaction, testing, App Store delivery.

Here are some screenshots:

Blackpills iOS App

And here are the main features:

Building from scratch a video streaming application while keeping it smooth and immersive on all devices was a challenging yet amazing mission! Feel free to drop me a line, I’m always interested about user’s feedbacks.