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rePICTUR 1.0

rePICTUR is a smart image CDN that delivers optimized pictures to all kind of devices. It comes with a realtime dashboard to let you visualize your KPIs.

rePICTUR 1.0

A critical issue about today device fragmentation is how to fit a single picture to all displays (from SmartTVs to SmartWatches) without degradating neither the image quality nor the application fluidity.

A common solution is to target each device with a specific picture. A smarter solution will be to upload the original picture just once on the cloud, and then let the servers manage everything for us (resizing, cropping, optimizing, delivering, gathering data and analytics).

rePICTUR is exactly what we were waiting for: a fast, powerfull image manipulating service that works with all kind of images, platforms and devices without affecting our workflow.

It comes with a modern realtime dashboard out of the box to let users visualize all the data they need to strategically plan their business.

Well, I proudly developed with AngularJS the dashboard you can see in the video above. To visualise all the data fetched, digested and exposed by the cloud I used Chart.js, a simple yet poweful open source dataviz library. At the moment rePICTUR service is adopted by leading news and media player as Canal+, Metronews and Le Figaro.