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C++ Hydrodynamic Simulator

This hydrodynamic simulator reproduces water behaviours in several contexts as rain, drainage or waves. It's built with C++ and OpenGL 4.0

Computer simulations are amazing. It’s impressing how they can reveal the mathematical layer that silently hides under the world.

Some time ago I developed a ray tracer in order to simulate the experience of vision and its related effects: shades, illumination, reflections and transparencies.

This time I chose to simulate the water behaviour under different contexts and landscapes. This hydrodynamic simulator implements five different scenarios: rain, flood, drainage, waves and tsunami.

In order to get a real-time application I made some approximations, but still the result is quite realistic as you can see in the video above.

Every time I code a simulator I end up telling myself that computers are damn good in playing the nature role!

If you are interested in how I code it, I share some steps in this blog post.