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Swifty Companion iOS mobile app

To try Swift in production I created an app to offer a mobile experience of the intranet to 42 school students.

Swifty Companion iOS mobile app

Two years have passed since Apple announced Swift. For early adopters like me that was a long journey! But definitely it worth it!

Swift is powerful, scalable, multipurpose and multi-paradigm, fast, expressive and open source. I can’t ask more. I loved Swift since the beginning for its pure power (comparable to C++) dressed in a really sweet and modern syntax.

Last month the programming School 42, founded in Paris by the french businessman Xavier Niel, launched its brand new API in order to grant all the students with an external access to their cursus data.

I thought it was a great idea to build a simple app in Swift 2.1 to allow students to look up their profiles on the go.

Swifty Companion is simple, but contains all the brick of lots first class app available in the App Store:

  • POP (Protocol Oriented Programming)
  • Swift 2.1 syntax
  • Swift specific use of Generics, Enums and Switch
  • Latest language features like guard and try
  • KeyChian
  • Scroll views (TableView and Collection View)
  • Asynchronous API querying (with Alamofire)
  • Navigation and Tab Bar controllers
  • MapKit
  • Background Modes
  • Basic Animations
  • Dataviz

It should be considered for what it is. A small project that shows Swift latest syntax, best practices and most interesting libraries. You can see code and details on GitHub ;)