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Drive is a French transportation company focusing on the personal chauffeur luxury segment. I rebuilt in Swift the iOS app dedicated to the drivers.


After Uber launched in 2009, the smartphone private trip market has become a worldwide business. Drive is a Paris based French startup that operates in the high-end market segment, offering a fully customizable private ride service.

Drive provides its drivers with an iOS application that needed a refresh to catch up with the new services and options added to the offer.

I rebuild the iOS application for the drivers from scratch, focusing on architecture, performance and maintainability with Swift.

Here are some screenshots:

Driver iOS App Driver iOS App

And here are the main features:

  • Real time geolocalisation (rendered on Google Maps)
  • Ability to switch to Waze navigation
  • A custom and fully animated chat to communicate with clients and the dispatch tower
  • Possibility to work both with real time rides and reservations
  • Handling account, history and custom ride options
  • Handling ride flow: cancelling, pausing, changing destination

It was a long and challenging journey. I hope Drive’s chauffeurs will enjoy it during their daily work.