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Focus is a minimal, fast and git-aware prompt for Mac terminal. No fancy configurations needed: it just works out of the box.


Every day I spend hours on Mac terminal. At first it was bash, then I switched to zsh, then again I migrate to Fish and finally I came back to the beloved zsh.

Terminal is like your home: you want it to be as comfortable as possible. After years of third parties solutions, I made up my mind and I decided to build a minimal zsh prompt that exactly fits my needs. It just displays:

  • username initial letter
  • host
  • path
  • lightweight git monitor

That’s it, that’s all.

Focus is a minimal, blazing fast and git-aware zsh prompt. To start using it just check out the github repository anc copy the .zshrc file to your home directory.

I usually pair Focus with iTerm2 and Base16 Ocean theme (see picture above to have a preview).