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Visual news stories on the key facts of the day and ai-recommended articles automatically summarized for you. Here's the Instagram for news.


Snacknews is an experiment in the mobile news market. The goal is to offer a trustworthy yet snackable news experience on mobile.

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Snapchat-like stories (let’s give to Snap what it deserves) and AI/NLP are the technical core of the app, while transparence and control on data are the principles that drive the UX and the recommendation algorithm behind the scenes.

Snacknews iOS App

News Stories
Every day discover the most important facts through amazing short news stories.

Snacknews iOS App

At the end of the story a handpicked selection of the best articles let you dig further. Snacknews iOS App

News Summaries
All the news are automatically summarized in key facts with ai.

Snacknews iOS App

Building this app was a great journey and everything was made possible by one of the best design, dev and data team on the Paris’s scene.

All together we focused on simplicity and smoothness to build an intuitive yet powerful mobile app. Hope you love it.